"Take the shot! Yes! Count it Down...Zip it off"

That magical phrase was what started my love affair with photography!

It was Christmas of 1966, and one of my favorite Aunts - who always bought me the coolest presents - gave me Polaroid's latest black and white camera, "The Swinger". I thought I was so cool! I was the only one on the block who had one and so I started taking pictures. Ever since, my family and friends know that Lori and her camera are at every event capturing in a photograph those moments our eyes will never see again.

Whether I am shooting portraits for special occasions, capturing the beauty of nature or trying to reproduce the breathtaking landscapes that are all around us, I look for that special moment when the light is perfect and the setting is serene. To be able to feel and see what I'm going to photograph is one of my greatest thrills. And I'm just as anxious to see the final product today as I was in 1966 when, "I counted down and zipped it off," and watched with amazement while the image appeared before my eyes.

It would be my privilege to capture those special moments for you!